Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kick Started!

    It has been almost a year for some of us working on this project, and for Brant McCrea a lifetime of character and story gathering.  To be able to say "I am working on a feature film"  has been a life long pursuit for everyone involved, and to be given this opportunity to really own a piece of this film instead of being just on a crew of hundreds is a true gift.
     Kelly Kerr or as we affectionately call her "Mama" gave us this opportunity with her apply named Dakini Productions.  Dakini meaning "She who traverses the sky,"  a Buddhist deity often associated with muse like qualities.  An epic and fitting title for a company that dreams, helmed by a woman who is nothing but supportive and inspiring in all her forms.
     Painted Face is the other production company involved in this endeavor, a tribe of Chicago artists determined to bring a new level of creation to the city and keep it here.  So under the Direction of Dorian Weinzimmer, from the ears of Sam Fell, and through the eyes of Ryan Berena, we will sculpt our dream.  You can be involved in the production and contribute too!  Follow the process of making a feature with this blog and also contribute funding (incentives are given to those who donate) and spreading of the word through KICKSTARTER!  We hope to see you in the front row of the theater watching our flick, we'll be sitting right next to you popcorn in hand. Thanks so much for your interest and support of our project.

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up"
- Paul Valery